Ayn Rand is Fiction

Just a reminder that Ayn Rand’s writings are fiction. That means she made it all up. It’s not how the real world works, any more than Stephen King’s scary stories are. It’s alluring for the richest of the rich to believe that their wealth is proof of their inherent superiority, but that don’t make it so.

What’s more, Rand’s extremist ideas clearly are the product of her traumatic life experiences. As a recent Tom Hartmann post points out,

Ayn Rand hated governments and democracy. She considered them systems of mob rule. She grew up in Russia, and as a child watched the Bolsheviks confiscate her father’s pharmacy during the Russian Revolution. Likely suffering from PTSD from that incident, Ayn Rand devoted her future writings to evil government, including the “evil” of its functions like taxation, regulation, and providing social services to the poor and sick.

5 thoughts on “Ayn Rand is Fiction

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