Evergreen Up Late: Vawentine’s Day Edition

Yes, friends, today is Valentine’s Day.  Time to consider wuv, true wuv.

Which happens in the animal kingdom, just in, err, different ways sometimes.

Here’s something we love at Evergreen that happened this week.  Sadly, these 22 Senators do not.  Perhaps we can all remember their names the next time we see them on ballots.

Also, apparently none of those guys love Chuck Hagel.

Wouldn’t it be weird if this became a love connection?

Here’s a trend Evergreen would like to see jump the Pacific and take hold in the US.  Because we’re sappy like that.

Let’s wrap this up.  Hope you get everything you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, ’cause love?  It’s like …

The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-


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