Evergreen Up Late: Saturday Night In Concert ProgStorm

Evenin’ all-
I’m not going to spend a lot of time tonight raving about being able to pick apart the invisible mechanisms that have evolved in order to direct the energy produced by the Universe, or even link up a bunch of hyper-weird trivia that collectively demonstrates the interactions of the unpredictable, the ironic, and the extreme. Rather, since it’s Saturday, and the weekend crew here at The Institute was discussing music in general, I am going to offer you one of the highest expressions of sheer virtuosic prog-rock bliss ever. I suggest that you full-screen the embedded video (whether you watch it or not-it’ll keep you from being distracted by another futile attempt at multitasking), and CRANK IT UP. Allow yourself to be carried away by the beauty, the audacity, the joyful refusal to acknowledge any musical limits whatsoever, and take some existential pleasure from knowing that there was a time, within recent memory, when music like this was played on the radio, sold millions of albums, and packed stadiums. It was a high, glorious moment-the ultimate musical evolution of “three chords and the truth”- and its like shall not be seen again. Enjoy!

The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-


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