Evergreen Up Late: On the Miracles We’ve Seen

Evenin’, all-

One of the things that gives me pause every time it crosses my mind (although it happens all the  time) is the number of things I have seen-that all of us in the last fifty, sixty years, have seen-that would have been unimaginable for countless thousands of years. Many if not all of these things involve humanity’s relationship with space, simply because human interaction with space is something so beyond the ability of any but the most recent of human generations to appreciate as a reality. Stretch it back a hundred, and our world has gone in barely a lifetime from a something that would have been comprehensible to an ancient Egyptian to a postmodern high-tech wonderland. It’s one of the reasons I encourage people to learn to fly-because they can! Because countless thousands of generations of people watched the birds and wondered what it would be like! You owe it to them! Stand on the shoulders of giants-and head for the sky! Beyond that, the stars! Embrace the miraculous gift it is to live in this world, and work tirelessly to make its benefits available to every person on Earth. So, some of those great moments:

Riding to the stars, atop a tower of steel and flame

The day the salamander first climbed out of the pool, looked around, and slithered over to a new pool.

Lucifer’s Hammer visits Jupiter.

The birth and feeding of…black holes….

Sitting in my hovel that night in 1989 and watching  live video from, oh, Neptune…what earlier generation could write that sentence?

Take a lap..around the planet…

Dare to dream, to reach, to strive, to imagine. Dare to believe in a better tomorrow-then go out and create it.

The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-

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