Evergreen Up Late: Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

Having spent a great deal of time in FL, I am very circumspect about mocking other states; but the Grand Unification of Derp occurring in Oklahoma at the moment simply cannot pass unmocked. And yes, I know there are a lot of good Progressives in Oklahoma, and my heart goes out to them…as it would to anyone who has to live with…

Dinosaurs and humans frolicking together on the plains?

Spontaneous human…what?

We want you to learn English. That’s why we’re firing your English teacher.

I used to love you, son. Then I found out where your loyalties lie.

And one cannot, in good conscience, do a round-up of Oklahoma Crazy without a salute to the Led Zeppelin of Oklahoma Crazy.


The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-


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