Idiot America: Stupid Criminal Roundup Edition!

Here in the U S of A, we have criminals of all makes and models. The single thing that separates the mundane from the sublime is the Internet. Tonight we wander the vast array of tubes to bring you some of America’s biggest losers who have made recent news. Since I’m sitting in for Dr Floyd tonight, I present him with a musical hat tip for dessert.

Hey you! Dismount from that manatee immediately!

Hey you! You can’t drink nail polish and drive!

Hey you! Bomb the right lawyer would ya?

Hey you! Be careful of whom you friend up on Facebook…for realz.

Hey Brooks Hatlen! You be institutionalized!

Hey you! Nothing says lovin’ like a bullet in the oven!

And, as always, we wish you the best of all possible tomorrows.


One thought on “Idiot America: Stupid Criminal Roundup Edition!

  1. It is amazing that these stories are real…I feel sorry for the old guy stealing in order to go back to prison where he is more comfortable existing. Reminds me of the older gentleman in “Shawshank Redemption” who felt so out of place in the outside world after spending most of his life in prison–he had become “institutionalized” as Morgan Freeman’s character put it.

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