One Month

Well, here we are.  Tomorrow, March 3, marks one month since the re-launch of the Evergreen Institute for Progressive Thought’s “Everblog.”

Everblog existed for a time before February 3 2013, but it was just a haphazard (small) group of occasional posts.  The blog as you know it has been around for a month, tomorrow.

I have to say, it’s been a heck of a month.  We’ve introduced daily morning anchors for every day of the week.  We’ve added the Evergreen Up-Late feature.  We’ve added regular afternoon linkspams and a host of other features.

More than 5,000 posts have been read on Everblog in the past month.  Nearly 100 of you subscribe in one way or another to Everblog – which means you get immediate notification when a new post goes up (look to the right, where it says “Everblog in your inbox” if you haven’t subscribed yet).  We’ve had 200 comments.  Heck of a start.

But there’s more to come.  The staff is working on several projects we think will be of value to you.

For now, leave a comment letting us know what you think, and remind us of your favorite post, please.

And thank you for reading.  It’s great fun to write this stuff, and even more fun to know you’re reading.


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