Evergreen Up-Late: Greatest Hits Edition

You know what Americans like?  Lists.  Seriously.  We love lists.  Or maybe it’s just this American.  I grew up listening to Casey Kasem count ’em down every week.  And then I went to college and stayed up late watching Letterman’s top ten list every night.  My favorite movie is based around top five lists.

So without any further adieu, here we go with the top 40 hits in the nation this week … or at least the top five most-viewed Everblog posts of February, 2013:

First up at number five, our own Doctor Floyd bringing a beat that just won’t quit, it’s Systems, Ideology, and the Need for Rational Conservatism.

Next, number four with a bullet, Deborah Ludwig and Electing Presidents – Part II: Change the Electoral College.

At number three this month, Contrawhit says, Tuesday: It’s not yet time to go home…

Now, before we move on to number two, a long-distance dedication.  Paul from Wisconsin has had a crush on a girl from Russia since he was a teenager.  Unfortunately for Paul, as Bobby Daniels reminds us, Ayn Rand is Fiction.

Back to the countdown!  At number two, on Toni Morrison’s birthday, Contrawhit brought us Dismantle the Master’s House: Linkspam for 2-18-2013.

Number one is, in all seriousness, powerful. If this is the only one of these you read, make the time to read it:  Well, I didn’t expect this.

So until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

About that favorite movie …

And finally, as Doctor Floyd would say, the best of all possible tomorrows to you all-


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