Southern Style: This Time

My (beloved) South:  What are you thinking?  I am your daughter, and your behavior sickens me.  This time in history could have been different.  Sadly, it hasn’t been.  There appears to be some confusion between fact-based opinion and paranoid-based hatred.  This hate-hate affair you have going with the president must stop.

Let me first say that the president is human.  He can be critiqued.  He is not above the law.  He is not a “messiah”.  His blackness, in no way, means that he is to be given a free pass.  Let me also say that, in order to be taken seriously,  it helps to have actual criticism.  Let me show you.  I am extremely upset that the president has not had the Department of Justice try and/or jail the conspirators behind our economic recession.  I bothers me greatly that  Obama has embraced the Patriot Act.  I detest continued use of NDAA, and the sneaky tactic of adding important legislation to it, so that it will pass and be signed.  I really wish Obama would do more to improve our education system, because a well-educated population is needed for our future growth.  I feel like the American people need to keep the pressure on this administration about the drone policy.  It frightens me that the program, as it stands, has very little oversight and could be an extremely dangerous thing in the wrong hands.

Your points of opposition are, well….silly tomfoolery, not based in fact.  You are worried (or have been led to believe) that the president is a socialist/communist/nazi/fascist/marxist/anti-colonialist!  I am sure if you take five minutes to think this through, it becomes glaringly obvious that he can’t be all of those things.  He is a Kenyan-born Muslim/atheist/agnostic!  Again, five minutes of thought.  Not possible, right? 

Obama raised our taxes!  Uhmm…he actually lowered them.  He has spent more than every other president in history!  Google much?  Try lowest spender in decades.  Damn it to hell, he is not even a real American!  Wow…still?  You are jerking my chain, right?

He is nothing more than a dictator who wipes his ass with the Constitution! Really?  You do know what a dictator is, don’t you?  Well, look in to that, and get back to me, will you?  The fact is that  Obama has tried, on numerous occasions, to work with republicans in Congress.  He has pleaded for compromise.  Obviously, he isn’t aware that compromise is the new “cooties”.  And nobody wants those!

Cap and trade.  Individual mandates for health insurance.  Dream Act.  What do all of those have in common?  Well…prior to Obama becoming president, those things were republican ideas or were supported by republicans.  And…after Obama became president, those things were proof of his socialistic agenda.  Say what now?!

Here’s the thing.  There is a marked difference between hate speech and political opinion.  I despised GW Bush.  Not because he hated America, befriended and sided with terrorists, or sought to topple our government and way of life.  Not because his wife wanted our kids to read or looked like the Grinch.  That would be stupid, right?  I despised him because his economic policies contributed to our economic woes.  Because he took us into a purpose-less war that received all the focus and funding.  Because, simultaneously, he had taken us into a more purpose-filled war that was neglected for years.  Because he introduced us to the Patriot Act and warrant-less wiretaps.  Because he LIED to us, and men and women died because of it.

This. Foolishness. Is. Not. Patriotic.  I don’t care what the Becks and Limbaughs of the world tell you.  At worst…it is pure hatred.  At best…it is pure ignorance and a total disregard for facts.  I am sorry to have to tell you, but facts are not stupid things.  Extreme news sites, websites, and groups peddle hatred as surely as a drug dealer peddles coke.  They may choose to disregard facts, but they can not vanquish them.  I have seen too many relatively decent people sucked into this paranoia.  Lies are swallowed and regurgitated with vigor.  Even worse, are the ones who know better and remain silent.  Silent, as lies, and often times racial slurs, are tossed around without confrontation.  Silence and compliance are a form of acceptance.  Be big enough to stick to issues, and call out bigotry.  If you don’t do that, then how much better are you, really?

Robust debate is healthy.  It is good for our citizens and our country.  Bigotry toward the POTUS is not.  And for as much as it may hurt him and his family, it hurts the nation infinitely more.

Stand up, Southerners.  In forty or fifty years, this too will be history.  We don’t exactly have the greatest track record, do we?  Let’s try to get it right this time.

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