Evergreen Up Late: Upon Reflection

So, as the first-ever Evergreen Weekend draws to a close, I’d like to briefly reflect on the event. The Institute just turned two; the weekend served as both birthday and coming-out party, after two years of meteoric growth, high-level study and discussion, provocative ideas, good humor, great music, and an unrelenting dedication to building a better world. There are a  number of future projects that came out of the Conference, including one that is going to have an immediate and noticeable effect on how candidates are…..never mind, better not say too much. What began as a humble discussion group has become something far more profound; it is very difficult to overstate the potential of Evergreen’s future. There is a range of expertise and knowledge in the Institute that is truly amazing in breadth and depth; you who’ve gotten in on the ground floor have seen us as yet only begin to scratch the surface. Anyway, there are great challenges to meet, and great things to do; fortunately, we have great people to do them.

The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-


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