North Korea Wants Attention…

North Korea, the notoriously reclusive East Asian dictatorship, is acting up again. Early last Tuesday, while the United Nations Security Council was meeting to discuss new sanctions, the DPRK issued a statement that basically said “Hey, we will restart the Korean War whenever we want. Hey! Pay attention to us!”

This new round of attention getting started when DPRK conducted a recent nuclear test (the country’s third). Sanctions are already in place targeting NoKo’s military capacity, but Resolution 2094 targets the leadership directly- blocking imports and freezing assets. This time China, who have long protected NoKo, actually wrote the sanctions with the US- the usual tactic of the Chinese is to say they support sanctions, then work to water them down. It seems like Beijing is growing rather tired of their odd ball neighbor, which should be a sign to Pyongyang to be on its best behavior.

Instead, yesterday the DPRK ‘officially’ ended the 1953 armistice that stopped the Korean war, saying today that they have “completely scrapped” it. They have done this before- as recently as 2010 when they bombed an island of South Korea. NoKo also cut off the hotline to the South, eliminating the main method of communication between sides.

Now, the question is: is NoKo just wanting attention? Or do they stand to back up the threats they have been making about ‘eliminating the US, bringing total destruction to their enemies, ect’. The US has nothing to worry about from the DPRK. What military tech they have can’t reach US territory, and the US military is more than capable of handling anything NoKo would throw our way. South Korea is in a more worrying place, and the DMZ is a tense spot at the moment. It is unlikely that DPRK will actually attack the South or the US in a real way. They might fire a missile at a South Korean vessel or two, they might bomb an island. Any act of war will be met with retaliation from the South, which has the full support of the US. I can imagine the Chinese are working to bring the rhetoric level down, as China stands to gain nothing from supporting NoKo against the US and South Korea. In truth, even experts on the situation are scratching their heads, wondering just how far the new leader, Kim Jong Eun, will go. Will he actually ‘restart’ the Korean conflict?

Pay attention. This could get interesting.





5 thoughts on “North Korea Wants Attention…

  1. I can’t help but wonder at the level of repression and propaganda that must be necessary to prop up such a nutjob head of state. Many “dictators” are actually delivering some level of good to some segment of their people, and they usually have some level of strategic international partnership in place. Not this guy.

  2. I recommend the book ‘Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader’ by BK Martin. Excellent book explaining the dynamics of the Kim dynasty, and why North Korea has isolated itself. A must read.

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