Southern Style: WOW!

The South is many things.  Beautiful.  Mannered.  Traditional.

As a child of The South, I can attest to the fact that it can WOW a person.  Presently, I am WOWed.  Not…WOW!  Amazingly wonderful.  But,…”WOW!  Oh, No he didn’t!”

You see, the United States Supreme Court will be taking up two key issues in the near future.  Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action.  And I find that all I can say is:

WOW!!!  Chief Justice Roberts says that “things have changed in The South”.  Oh, no he didn’t!  This change occurred…when, exactly?  As a black woman (in an interracial marriage), in The South, I don’t see or experience this miracle.  Granted, we are not lynched or have crosses burning in our yard, but is that all it takes to demonstrate growth?  Seriously?  I have seen voter intimidation, with my own two eyes.  I have experienced tremendously long voter lines…I am, after all, not residing in the affluent elderly white male district.  Those who are,…well, they breeze right on through.

Speaking of the older white male district:  Is it just me, or do you, also, find it hard to take the word of a man who is not from the south?  A man who attended private schools during boyhood, and later,  Harvard.  A man who, during his confirmation hearing, disclosed that he had a net worth of around $6 million dollars, including $1.6 million in stock holdings.

WOW!!!   Voting is now an entitlement?  Oh, no he didn’t!  As a justice in the highest court in the land, Scalia should have a basic knowledge of the Constitution, right?  You remember…that document that clearly defines voting rights?  Rights are those ideals granted to each of us by our creator.  They are absolute, no?  That Scalia would make such a statement, …  It is deeply unsettling.  After all, he is one of the nine..who determine the parameters of our freedom.

WOW!!!  In order to stop racial discrimination, we need to do away with Affirmative Action.  “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race,” says Roberts.  Oh, no he didn’t!  On the surface, it seems reasonable.  But what America has he been living in the past few centuries?  The view that Affirmative Action discriminates against whites, well,…that dog won’t hunt with me.  Underneath all the pretty wording, it basically implies that it would be much better, for all concerned, if we kept discrimination to the blacks and other minorities.  It implies that anything other than older, white male..needs to just get over it.

I think the Justices just need to be WOWed. They need examples of OUR America.   Chief Justice…did you know this type of stuff still happened?  Scalia…how about this?  Maybe you should check  this out?  My fellow Evergreener, Deborah Ludwig, explains how many Americans feel, quite eloquently.

You know what I find funny?  The very same people who want black folk to “just get over” their history (slavery, segregation, discrimination) have not gotten over theirs (state’s rights).  These very same people wouldn’t dare tell a Jewish American to “get over” the Holocaust.  Or tell them that they need to “get out of the concentration camps”.  They would have flat-out refused to tell those patriots, the Framers, to get over oppressive treatment by their government.  But it’s okay for blacks.  They would never tell a man to expect lower wages because of fatherhood.  In and of itself, THAT is a type of discrimination.  It makes me hotter than a polar bear in Hell!  And, no…a cold glass of sweet tea will not cool me off.  Believe me, I have tried it.

There are legitimate and (well) documented reasons why both the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action should not be revoked.  When one thinks of the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action, what image comes to mind?  Possibly a disgruntled black man or woman?  Au contraire, mon frere.  These two issues are of vital importance to all minorities.  And not only southern minorities.  Freer voting equals a freer nation.  Women can not be denied employment for being women.  Yes, your wife and daughter benefit from AA.  Empowered women have much to contribute.

So, what can we do?   Pull up a rocking chair, and I’ll tell you.  Grab your laptop and cell phone.  Write letters, many letters.  Make just as many phone calls.  If we do not continue to inform our leaders of our wishes, who will?  Talk to your friends and neighbors.  They may not understand, exactly ,how they benefit from these things.

Reader, I promised that The South would never bore you.  I also warned you that it might anger you.  Welcome to my world.  And let’s change it!


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