Ryan’s Reactionary Tempest

Paul Ryan’s at it again.

Ryan, as head of the House Budget Committee, has proposed a new budget. That’s not all that surprising.

What is notable is that Ryan has gone far beyond his role as proposer of federal spending plans and taken on the much larger task of specifying how the government will raise the money to be spent. Never mind that this is the purview of the House Ways and Means committee. When Ryan sees a chance to push his right-wing extremist agenda, he jumps on it.

Aside from his vicious (heartless, self-serving, destructive) plans to cut $4.6 trillion in spending from federal spending, Plundering Paul proposes cutting the already-low tax rates for the richest Americans to a mere 25 percent.

And he’ll do this in “revenue-neutral” manner, no less, with the standard “elimination of deductions to be specified later”.

In other words, by magic.

It’s amazing what is possible when one is unconstrained by silly things like math and logic. Behold the magic asterisk, that wonderful, supernatural device that allows one to conjure up tax revenues out of air, out of thin air, with unspecified deductions melting away.

If only his revels now were ended.

Nearly three trillion dollars of spending cuts would come from government healthcare spending. Turning Medicare into a voucher program might sound good to some, but it’s a certain route to disaster. The U.S. healthcare system is broken. We spend 17 percent of our GDP on healthcare – much more than any other developed nation – and our healthcare outcomes put us close to the bottom of the pack. Just when we had started to reform our broken system, when we had finally started to correct some of the many failures of American healthcare, Ryan wants to send us back to the medical Dark Ages.

That “Path to Prosperity” that Ryan speaks of is only a path for the already-rich, and it’s actually a highway paved with gold. Too bad no one who’s poor will be allowed past the toll booths.

Ryan’s goal evidently is to transform the federal government into the true, massive failure that he and his Republican cronies have always claimed that it was. Then they can point to the failure as proof of their claims, and then proceed to dismantle all of the hard-won progress we’ve made.paul-ryan-uncomfortable

Not to mention the fact that he wishes you were dead.

The “debt crisis” and impending disaster that the Ryan Budget claims to forestall is the same crisis – and disaster – that Republicans have been predicting for years. The same debt disaster that still hasn’t occurred, despite their repeated warnings of doom. The same crisis that Republicans manufactured themselves by blocking any reasonable budget agreements.

But Ryan needs a manufactured crisis in order to justify throwing 35 million Americans off of health insurance. To provide rationale for cutting education and infrastructure spending. To warrant deep cuts to food stamps and housing assistance. You know – the sort of things that keep people alive through times like this.

Ryan’s hyper-ideological budget needs to be banished, like an insubstantial pageant faded, leaving not a rack behind. It’s a reactionary recipe for anti-progress.


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