Evergreen Up Late: I see red

Rising and falling
red repels,
yet keeps calling.

RED rising – North Korean belligerence has been increasing, raising temperatures as surely as global warming.

RED falling – Will China finally bring the hammer down on their neighbor?  Stranger things have happened.

On The Fringe calling – Meanwhile North Korea maintains that it has proof of the existence of Unicorns … or maybe it was Man Bear Pig?

RED fading – The reign of Pope Benedict XVI has ended a little bit differently than most. My, how those red shoes have had to dance. Worthy of a BONUS link!

RED in decline – GOP reduced to changing election rules to have a chance to win the next Federal election.

RED on repeat – Rand Paul Ryan Rand Paul Ryan. Well, ONE of those guys is on a new budget trick trip.

RED in retreat – A fake bankruptcy story fooled several conserv-a-blogs and mainstream media outlets – AGAIN.

‘REDiculous’ – Earlier, a bogus blog had fooled the mainstream outlets, enabling the Alaskan Half-Gov. to Tweet-Rinse-Repeat.

From the serious to the silly to the sublime.
Through it all stay optimistic, maintain your Grace under Pressure, and don’t let your rose-colored glasses become red lenses.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.


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