Evergreen Up Late: The Onion Syndrome

Greetings, all-
There’s this thing I call “The Onion Syndrome,” in which something produced as outrageous satire becomes reality shortly thereafter, named after of course the brilliant satirical publication that has accomplished this feat so often. Prominent also in Onion Syndrome culture is Steven Colbert, who managed to convince conservatives that he was one of them for years, and has taken his gig to Congress. Reality and parody mix, become inseparable, and almost indistinguishable one from another. I’ve noticed it more and more; it seems an essential characteristic of the postmodern age, in which reality and parody are mutual. The most tragic and screamingly relevant example of this is, of course, this, which came long before this.

Two comments: one, this Onion Syndrome incident may be the funniest thing ever, and two, the young medalist is one cool customer, who performed admirably at an incredibly awkward moment. She has my admiration.

Likewise, the only possible rational argument against the truth of this report is the argument that sociopathy is essential to the gig.

Ah, An Onion Syndrome classic from the days of pepper-spraying Occupy hippies.

And it’s not something new: this has been building for awhile. For instance, in observance of the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, please note the date on this story.

Likewise, observe the blending of reality, satire, and expectation management in this brilliant piece of Onion Syndrome activism from the Yes Men.

And let us not forget the Master.

And finally, I urge all of you to harken back to that masterpiece of the  Onion Syndrome, Steven Colbert’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner Address. Welcome to Onion Syndrome Culture!!

The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-


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