Evergreen Up Late: Elephant Talk

Elephant Talk!

  • “Elephant Talk?”

I hear you ask.

  • “Do you mean like Trumpeting?”

Well, yes … of a certain kind.
In the sense that some Republicans are now trumpeting, to their constituents, that they support a bill that they had voted AGAINST.

  • “Huh? Arguments became agreements?”

… or when a sibling is trumpeting confidence in History’s judgement of his little brother.

Not so much, as factional bickering seemed to be the theme this year.

  • “What about Paul Ryan’s budget announcement? Isn’t that something new that Congress can work with?”

Nope, he was just repeating himself – in the WORST way.

  • “Well, we did finally learn about how cheap talk from Ryan’s (almost) boss had (almost) fooled the electorate.”

Yep, shown to the world as he truly is by a brave common man.

The lesson here is that when ‘Elephants’ talk, the sound can be heard across great distances.

And when ‘Elephants’ doubletalk, you need to listen TWICE as hard to hear what they are really saying.

Tonight, I leave you with the BEST kind of “Elephant Talk“.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.


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