Evergreen Up Late: I’ve Got The Vapers and I Think I Like It.

Tonight we go down a smoke-centric blog hole and hopefully we come back out smelling like a brand new, unused ashtray.

Last week the lovely Mrs. Adonis and I decided to quit smoking.

It was a difficult choice because, hey, we are addicts and all.

First I tried to convince her to try these Kosher smokes through Passoverwhich are really just regular cigarettes without tips, amirite?

Then I got all excited because I thought maybe we were moving to California but nooooooo…

In the end, we decided to stay right here in Florida and become “Vapers“.

I’m not gonna lie to you, e-cigarettes are similar to regular cigarettes but what they don’t mention in the brochures about real smokes (and I know because I looked) is that the rest of the crap in cigarettes has every bit or more effect on people as the nicotine does. So what I’m saying is that while I wasn’t the happiest camper for the first few days now I’m doing fine. Mrs. Adonis, on the other hand, took to them like a duck to water.

In summation, I give these things my highest recommendation if you’re in the market to quit, cut back or have thought about it.

There is only one serious side effect worthy of note.

I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so…



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