Evergreen Up Late: Waving at the Light

Lil’ Seuss Deuce
Shortly after “Hey, Seuss” was originally posted, a typo was found misnaming Senator Ron Portman. Apologies to the Senator and to subscribers who received this typo in their email.

Funny thing about old laws; some of them become funny old laws that make little sense to our modern style of living.
For example, in Salem, West Virginia, it’s against the law to eat candy less than an hour and a half before church service.
Good for a laugh with some inquisitive kiddies … oh, wait … what’s this?

Women couldn’t vote?
People of different races couldn’t marry?
People were PROPERTY?!?

Clearly, it’s ‘awkward parent-child conversation’ time once again.
A sensitive, inquisitive child can be an uncomfortable mirror of society’s past missteps.
Few things are more disheartening than trying to explain “The Stupid” of certain historical laws.

When changes to a long-held law are being debated, past changes are often dredged up for comparison. These days, we believe that marriage rights, voting rights, etc. fall under the umbrella of Human Rights. But some of those rights have gone through some dark times. Explaining that to a child, you can see the optimistic twinkle in their eyes dim just ever so slightly.

Explain differing opinions to the best of your ability. “I don’t know why they thought that way” is an acceptable answer. The conversation could become a learning moment for you too.
When discussing how peoples’ attitudes have changed, I try to instill an appreciation for where we came from and emphasize the forward progress that has been made. Don’t ignore the darkness, and don’t fear it.
Particle or wave, teach the facts and preserve the available light.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

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