Evergreen Up Late: No, You’re Chicken!

MORE THAN 3,000 additional people have been killed by guns in this country since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Yet gun NUTS continue to block any kind of legislation that could even potentially curb proliferation. Yes, I said NUTS. Self-proclaimed ‘Patriots’ who refuse any and all sensible bills that just might possibly restrict any access to any gun by anybody. Stay with me here. This may not be the place for a Freudian analysis of what makes ‘gun lovers’ tick, but a few assertions are in order.

Responsible guns owners support universal background checks.
Hell, the NRA used to support universal background checks until it looked like it might actually become a law. Why they changed their position is most perplexing. Was it an inherent NEED to oppose Obama on EVERYTHING? Perhaps just Ye Olde Fashioned Paranoia?

Here is a brief history of the need for guns in America!

But seriously, gun control advocates have no issue with guns for hunting and self-protection. But Military weaponry should be limited to Military use. An automatic rifle will not help in the hunting of a Moose or Squirrel.

I’m no gun lover, but I’m also not a gun hater. To me it’s just a tool. I have relatives who enjoy hunting and friends who enjoy target practice. And That’s Fine. But if you want a machine designed solely to mow down people like grass, well sir, I have a problem with that. There is no sport that requires such mega-cannisters of bullets. Using such weapons on wildlife classified as ‘Game’ is … well it’s just not sporting, is it?

One nice little feature of the US Constitution is that the 2nd Amendment (like all of the others) can be re-interpreted by the Supreme Court to fit the times. It is NOT the 2nd Commandment. But it does look like guns are, in fact, being idolized in this country in ways that are detrimental to our future. To my mind, at least. The Assault Weapons Ban bill that was ON THE BOOKS for a decade, but allowed to expire by GW Bush, is somehow now considered too radical to even consider in the Senate? The Country hasn’t gone Radical Left, the Congressmen who are blocking it have either gone Radical Right or sold their souls to the NRA.

You may ask, “And what would you know, you tree-hugging liberal?”
First: Trees are good, M’kay?
Second: Psst, I OWN a .22 rifle. My father was a cop. I grew up with a gun in the house.

That’s what I know.

As for those who feel they must hoard a cache of guns and are AFRAID that the Gub’mint is gonna take them all away? You’ve got to know: You’re not a ‘Patriot.’ You’ve got to know: You’re Chicken.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

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