Why I miss Kim Jong-Il

Oh, North Korea.

Things have become rather tense there in the last few weeks. First they ended the 1953 armistice. Then they threatened total destruction of the US (refrain from laughing). NoKo blocked South Korean access to the joint industrial complex, and in the last few days have moved two missiles to the east coast. Add to that the ‘intercepted communications’ that show the North is planning on launching a missile in the next few days, and things seem on the brink of spiraling out of control.

Many experts have come out to say that KJU is simply attempting to consolidate his power domestically by prompting an international incident. Others say he is testing the new president of South Korea. There is always the chance that Kim Jong-Un is simply insane, and really believes that his military is capable of bringing destruction to the US.

Whatever the case may be, it really makes me miss Kim Jong-Il, as much as one can miss a dictator. Old Kim was a pop culture icon, in a way. He had his fame from Team America: World Police. He had a meme — Kim Jong Il looking at things. He was terrible, terrible — but loveable in a way. He was also a known. The international community knew what to expect from KJI. No one knows what to expect from his son.

North Korea is not a threat to the US mainland. It is not even a real threat to Guam. NoKo is, however, a threat to South Korea and Japan. There are also many Americans stationed in South Korea and Japan that could potentially be in harms way, should KJU decided to take action on his rhetoric. South Korea has made it clear that they will no longer tolerate any attacks from the North.

Things could potentially become very ugly on the Korean peninsula. For now, though, just enjoy the past crazy of the DPRK. You know, before it became not funny.

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