Evergreen Up Late: Boundary Gates

‘Must not cross page boundary’ – Original Apple OS Source Code comment

This line was meant as a warning to programmers because doing so incurred a penalty in that a program took longer to accomplish its task.
Crossing a boundary may lead to bad things.

Activists must sometimes cross established boundaries in order to change them.

Refusal to sit at the back of the bus and other forms of civil disobedience showed the need for equal Civil Rights for all races.

Crossing a boundary may lead to good things.

Last month, ChickenHawk GOP speakers at CPAC belly-ached about pretty much wanting to pick a fight with … well EVERYONE.

And in an almost mirrored fashion, the latest round of bellicose rhetoric from North Korea’s Dear Leader is practically daring the US to engage them.

Crossing a boundary should not be undertaken by those not fully understanding the consequences.

So far, the financial markets do not seem to have responded to the posturing. One could easily imagine what a President new to the job might feel was a needed response to “show strength”.

I, for one, sure am glad that we have an experienced President at the helm during these events.

Inexplicably, one conservative pundit claimed on television that the quick response by the US of sending B-2’s to South Korea and a THAAD missile defense system to Guam shows to Iran that the US is weak. An explanation was never given.


Some boundaries should just not be crossed.

Will we cross the boundary into another war, through The Gates of Delirium?

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

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