Evergreen Up Late: Fools Game

In case you forgot, April 1st was one week ago. April Fools Day. I’m always stunned that people fall for anything on April Fools Day but every year there they are. Falling for stuff on April Fools Day.

In case you missed something and I’m guessing you did given the fact that the Internet is a big place, here are some of the things that happened on April Fools Day.

As usual, the British kick our ass at everything. Check out these awesome twitter based hijinx!

Here is one story purporting to have the ten best pranks of this year.

Followed by this story that says the same thing. Someone is clearly wrong.

But there’s one story that stands alone for me. I’ve finally figured out where pet-ophiles go to get their kitty porn

There is one bit of good news. I won’t be Rick-Rollin’ you outta here tonight.


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