Can We Talk?

Can we have just a couple minutes of your time, please?


Thank you for reading this post, and all the others you’ve read here on “Everblog.”  Our blog – the blogosphere home of the Evergreen Institute for Progressive Thought – is currently staffed by thirteen writers who post in various degrees of regularity (without material compensation).

Thus far Everblog has covered a fairly wide range of progressive thought, from N. Korea and Syria policy to poverty to race to finance regulation to sexual harassment to campaign reform and everything in-between, with a few stops along the way for general perspective and entertainment.  We hope you enjoy what we’re posting here, and judging from the growing number of subscribers, you are.

Now we’re going to ask you to do two simple things for us.  No, we don’t need your money.  What we need is your input and your endorsement.

First, we’d like your opinion.  Are we covering topics that matter to you?  Is there something you’d like to see us pay more attention to that we haven’t?  What about the look and feel of the blog?  Does it work for you or are there things that would make it better?  Do you have some writing you’d like to offer for posting at Everblog?  If you care to answer any of those questions, please feel free to leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you – we won’t necessarily act on every recommendation, but we do promise to read every comment and take each under thoughtful consideration.

Second, we ask that if you’re enjoying Everblog, you pass it on.  Email a post to a friend.  Link to us in your own blog posts.  Share our links on Facebook or Twitter.  Your endorsement would mean the world to our staff.

Again, thank you for reading, and for considering the two requests above.

We enjoy writing for you, and we look forward to growing with your help.


The Everblog Team.


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