Evergreen Up Late: That’s a RINO of a different color

Infighting between various factions of the GOP, accusing each other of being “inauthentic conservatives”, increases after every lost election and it has been reaching a fevered pitch of late. Those whose beliefs are found to be in the minority in a group discussion of a particular subject are accused of being RINOs: Republican In Name Only. The most fervent RINO accusers have been members of the Tea Party towards “moderate” Republicans – So much for ye olde ‘Big Tent’ theory.

Others claim that the Tea Party is little more than a parody, a caricature of Republican ideals.
Some believe the original to be inferior to the reflection.

On a different track, ‘Occupy’ has emerged as a left-leaning activist group.

Some pundits have proposed the possibility of a Tea Party and Occupy coalition to bring pressure on the government to meet some common demands.
Such a combining of forces would surely give pause to members of Congress, maybe even a bit of PANIC – but that’s an assertion for another time.
IMHO, anything to advance a good cause is a good thing, and if it shakes up Congressional complacency – so much the better!

An initial movement may inspire a derivative work that in turn inspires far beyond the original work.

While former enemies have become close allies before: UK & US, US & Japan, Care should be taken to ‘watch our back’. The US & USSR coalition during WWII collapsed into the Cold War that lasted a generation. And by that same token, we must keep vigilant with our own internal allies. Obama’s recent budget proposal has shaken the faith of many on the Left. Could he looking to forge his OWN coalition?

Attention must be maintained to understand the potential of any of these cooperating groups and what they intend to achieve. For if we do not know what we are getting into, we may just have another thing coming, and we may not even recognize it.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.


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