Evergreen Up Late: Gray Matters

Gray Matters: It may not be clear what exactly is making you feel so uneasy, but at least it’s making you look “more distinguished”, am-I-rite?

Could it be the latest natural invaders?
Or the repeated man made disasters?

Out-of-date laws gave citizens pause that the electorate’s choice contained flaws.
But on the plus side:
The re-election of President Obama brought us the beloved conniption fit heard ’round the world, the election of Elizabeth Warren has put the financial leaders in a tizzy, and “The Connecticut Effect” does NOT seem to be abating any time soon.

With falling ratings, Fox News has been reduced to manufacturing stories to rouse their remaining rabble, er, audience.

Lastly, the mere possibility of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016 is already giving the GOP a collective Panic Attack! So, good times after all.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.


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