Evergreen Up Late: For What It’s Worth

I usually try to be funny in this space. Not tonight. I want to talk about something else right now. It’s our crappy politics. Again. You may have heard there was a national tragedy in Boston today. As of right now there are 3 dead and over 130 injured. Nobody knows a damned thing about the why but that doesn’t stop fools all the Internet from pretending that they do.

I’ve seen some right wingers screaming Muslims did it!!!

I’ve seen some left wingers screaming Teabaggers did it!!!

I saw a reporter say this was “the worst thing she had ever seen” (you’re fuckin’ kidding me right?) Ever heard of 911 honey?

I saw Alex Jones say that the federal government was behind this attack.

I can understand some venting from both sides but what I cannot understand is the lack of basic respect for the victims of this attack. The psychotic need for people to spew their hate trumps every decent bone in their bodies.

We’ll get through this. We always do. But I have got to mention that unlike when these major events have occurred in the past I was totally unsurprised this time. After 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, Virginia Tech, Ft Hood,  Sandy Hook, etc., etc., etc., etc., I’m all out of shock.

I find myself almost expecting to hear crazy shit at any second. I don’t know what that says about me other than this. I am fed up and I don’t know where to go with that. Or where you’ll go with that either. I am not a religious man but tonight I’ll say a prayer for this country and the people in it. We all need one tonight.



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