Congressional Cowards

The second amendment is a hot topic these days.  By this point, every American is probably aware of this.

For the sake of expediency, let us take a look at what this bill would have NOT done.  This bill would not have taken away any American’s guns.  It would not have banned any type of gun.  It would not have banned any type of ammunition.  It would not have created any national registry.

Are we sure this was a gun control bill?

Because the bill also would have exempted temporary transfers of weapons and transfers between family members.  It would have fixed interstate travel laws in favor of gun owners crossing state lines.  It would have allowed dealers to complete transactions in states in which they do not reside.  Further, it would have ensured that sales at gun shows wouldn’t have been prevented by delayed approval from NICS.  It would have provided a legal process for veterans placed in NICS without basis.  It would have allowed a state concealed carry license in place of a background check when purchasing a weapon.  Finally, it would have actually banned the creation of a national registry.  Anyone attempting to do so would have faced a felony conviction punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

No, seriously.  This was a gun control bill??

About the only gun control measures included were expanded background checks and increased accountability of online gun sales.  Yes, background checks.  You know so we can ensure that criminals have a more difficult time gaining access to weapons.  It would have placed guidelines for online sales in an effort to eliminate, or at the very least decrease, straw purchases.  Also, it would have ensured that mental health records submitted to NICS wouldn’t have been prohibited by HIPPA (federal privacy) laws.

So, why was it rejected?  Beats the hell out of me!  It really shouldn’t surprise me, considering the admission by Rubio that he had not even read the bill.

I wonder how many of our congressional cowards were like Rubio?  I wonder how many citizens were convinced this was “bad” without reading it, themselves?  Obviously, quite a few.

You know what I find most disheartening?  The fact that the proposal was defeated without one vote being cast.  We elect representatives who should be doing our bidding, no?  Regarding an issue where (surprise, surprise) an overwhelming percentage of Americans agreed, they decided to hide.  They decided to take the cowards way out.

I would have had much more respect for these men and women if they had defeated the bill after a vote was taken.  I may not have agreed with the outcome, but I would have accepted it.  This I can not accept.

This cowardice told those Americans who’s lives have been destroyed by gun violence…they did not matter.  The lives of their loved ones, while tragic, were simply casualties of the gun debate.  Their concerns were not even worthy of a vote.

This cowardice told those of us, not touched, but concerned…we did not matter.  The fact that people are shot (accidentally or purposely) EVERY DAY is not something we are capable of handling.

The president has done a few things that I am ashamed of him for, in recent weeks.  However, in this, he was correct.  What occurred was, indeed, shameful.  It proved, once again, that those in Congress are incapable of working for us, the people, and lobby groups.  They have become more afraid of entities, like the NRA, than they are of us, the people who elected them.  The financial backing of lobbyist carries more weight than the votes we cast.  The grade they receive from the NRA is more important than the grade they receive from their constituents.

And how pathetically sad is that?

This bill was not about Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, or Bloomberg.  It was not about infringement or door-to-door confiscation.  It was not about Obama and his secret squirrel attempt to turn us into Nazi Germany, or him becoming a dictator.  (You know… when he is not being a lazy, golf-playing idiot.)   This “gun control” bill  wasn’t even really about guns.

It was about safety measures.  It was about what the people said they wanted. 

And whether a person agrees with gun control measures or not, that person should remember that the same way Americans were ignored and shoved aside in this issue…is the same way Americans will be ignored in other issues.  It is not okay that our voices are muffled by lobbyists.  It is not okay that profits overshadow people.  It is not okay that campaign contributions outweigh common sense.

And it is certainly not okay that congressional cowardice is now common place.  Shameful, indeed.


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