Evergreen Up Late: Wide World of Dopes!

Tonight we are spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of knuckleheads. The thrill of notoriety and the agony of internet infamy. The human drama of bad decisions and ill conceived actions that we call….The Wide World of Dopes!

We’re back and not quite as good as we used to be. However, we’re still more than adequate to the task of exposing the unseemly underbelly of the internet. Don’t think of it as a downer though because it should remind you of how great your life is…

Let’s begin with this huuuuuuuge story. I feel for the guy. I’ve had similar problems of an opposite nature myself…

Our next story take us to Hong Kong where….Holy Crap!!!

Now I can see how Nessie could mess up your boat but what this story really reminds me is that it’s almost time to re-up my Godzilla coverage.

Meanwhile back here in the States, kids are going to learn about sex one way or the other.

Someone should have pulled this guy aside and asked him from which petting zoo taught him this trick.

All of which leads us to our final story of the evening. Gotta say I’m glad because we sure aren’t as cool or civilized as we think we are.

If you need me I’ll be in the backyard with my flashlight trying to flag down a ride.


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