Catching Up

For those of you who have been reading Everblog for some period of time, this might be a little repetitive. Please pardon the staff for a moment while we “go meta.”

We’re thrilled to have lots of new visitors to the blog, and we hope you’re enjoying what we’re doing here.  Let’s take a quick walk around the place by way of introduction, shall we?

You might want to give the “About” page a read.  There you’ll get a little introduction to what we’re all, well, about.   As you might surmise there, we have a team of writers and editors – all volunteers, we’re not making a buck off this – who are working hard to bring you new content six or seven mornings a week.  Some weeks we provide afternoon and evening content, but not always.  Weekday and Sunday mornings, you can count on Everblog.

Speaking of our team, we’re pretty proud of our group.  Here’s a list of what you can expect from them, keeping in mind that we’re all  wildcards and will stray from our core topics:

Bobby Daniels is our go-to on matters of the economy.  Deborah Ludwig often focuses on the nuts-and-bolts of our electoral system. Seyyal Edibe covers a lot of ground – don’t miss her work on race by way of her own journey of genealogical research.  Tamsworld talks politics in general, and she packs a wallop.  Eahauck writes excellent work about the world outside America. Hlward (yeah, that’s me) considers himself a political generalist as well, but he’s righteously pissed-off about the state of poverty in America. Speaking of pissed-off, check out occasional contributor Tim Rockwell‘s work on the news of the day.  Contrawhit has written some powerful stuff on feminism and gender issues, among other things. Doctor Floyd writes on a variety of topics, and is working on an overview of state terrorism you won’t want to miss.  He also heads up our “Evergreen Up-Late” team, which takes a lighter look at the world around us. While we’re talking about Up-Late, Cherubic Adonis and Abstract Reindeer round out that group, among other things. Ozarks Blue provides perspective from time to time, and our newest contributor, Samantha Imperiatrix, will bring you some great work very soon.

So … if you like what you find here, we hope you’ll keep reading.  You might want to subscribe – there’s a box on your right where you can do exactly that, so you don’t miss a single post.

Also, if you enjoy Everblog, you probably know someone else who might.  Don’t be afraid to click one of those social media share buttons below this – and every – post.  Or just forward the links to a friend.

Thank you for reading.  See you again tomorrow.


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