An Open Letter to Male Gamers

Dear Male Gamers –

Seriously guys? What is wrong with you?

You’re better than this. And this.

On what planet do you think its okay to talk to another human being like that? I’m assuming you have mothers, and how do you feel about someone calling her a “slut”, a “cunt” or making jokes about raping her for expressing her opinion? What if it was your aunt? Or your sister? Or your daughter? Or would that be alright, if you disagree with her too?

I can answer those questions for you. It is never okay under any circumstances to speak to a woman, or person like that. Just like an other human being, women are just that, humans. We are not just baby-makers, “sammich-makers”, or there for your aesthetic pleasure. We are integral parts of nature and society. Women make strides to improve our world every day. We are as capable as men. We are forces of nature. And we will be reckoned with.

“But, women don’t play as much as men!” Well, WHY SHOULD THEY?! Would you want to play with other people when you’re going to be demeaned like that? Seriously, if you were met with derision and inhumane comments, for expressing a fact or opinion, would you want to play? I doubt it.

“But Sam, I don’t like it when people talk like that, but if I say something, I get made fun of also.” So your option is to just sit back and do nothing? That’s a piss-poor excuse. You stand up for people. That’s what a community does. And if you speak out, you will inspire others to do the same. We can change things, if we really want to. It just needs to start with one person. One voice, sticking up for someone else.

I really enjoy playing console games, and having spent years in the gaming community, I know you’re better than this. You are a highly intelligent group of people and are better than this misogyny. If you want to be taken seriously as a force in the entertainment industry, you’ve got to stop this behavior. You cannot alienate an entire demographic of consumers and expect to make it as a business. Developers will make games for women, with women characters. Women will play them, and games with male protagonists.

So push back all you want. Call us whatever you want. Women aren’t going anywhere. Rise above this. I implore you to prove me right. You are so much better than the links above, I know it. Change your words, change your attitudes. Leave a better gaming community for your daughters.




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