Italy, here I come! But before I go…

Tomorrow I depart for Italy. It is the last of my summer vacations and one that is much-needed. This time away will be used to decompress, relax, immerse myself in a foreign land and its people, culture, art, architecture, and wine country. Afterwards I will return to the States refreshed and ready to tackle some big issues, focusing more on solutions as opposed to just stating and/or grousing about the problems. Until then, here are some articles and books about issues I’m watching and will be writing about in the coming months.

Voting Rights

DoJ to Texas: Voter Suppression Will Not Stand

Supreme Error

How Voter Suppression Endangers our Democratic Process

And as far as I’m concerned, Alexandar Keyssar’s book is the Bible of voting rights history and legislation. Voting rights in America have always been hard fought; never have they been granted freely except to white, male property owners, and even some of them were not deemed worthy of casting a ballot.

The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in The United States

Healthcare Reform – ACA enrollment begins October 1, so know how to enroll. Many obstacles are being put in the way of enrollees and misinformation abounds. Get educated about the process and the benefits if you need health insurance. It could save your life or someone’s you love.

Enroll America: Outreach and Consumer Assistance

Judging Obamacare: A How-To Guide

Boehner warns against shutting U.S. government over ‘Obamacare’

The GOP in Fantasyland

Financial Reform

I highly recommend Sheila Bair’s book Bull by the Horns. It is an excellent assessment of what went wrong leading up to the economic crash of 2008, detailing the steps taken to stanch the bleeding and the battles fought over those steps. Bair suggests actions to be taken that would lessen the chance of Main Street falling victim again to Wall Street’s recklessness and greed in the future. Buy it, read it, study it.

Bull by the Horns

Two other books I recommend about or related to financial reform: 13 Bankers and Retirement Heist.

Military Industrial Complex

It appears inevitable that America will soon be involved in another armed conflict. This time with Syria. Funny, with all the deficit hysteria and sequestration zeal, somehow this country always finds money for military endeavors. In his article No War with Syria Bob Dreyfuss pleads for other options to be used. On that depressing note, I’m signing off.

Happy reading! Vi auguro buona salute, buona fortuna, e la pace. (Wishing you good health, good fortune, and peace.)

Deborah Ludwig’s weekly column will resume on September 24.


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