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The Evergreen Institute for Progressive Thought is a organization of activists who share a leftward tilt regarding American politics. All of us share dismay at the steady right-ward drumbeat of politics in the US and a love of this nation and its people. ALL of its people.

We post links to sites as mainstream as USA Today and as far left as Mother Jones, but mostly this blog features original writing that we hope leads you to think about your place in the political world.

You will not find the Evergreen Institute shying away from direct confrontation with FOX News-style rightist narrative, and you won’t find apologies for any political figure on the Left who does not represent the best America has to offer.

You will find passionate defense of the hopes and dreams of everyday Americans and an overwhelming support of common decency and progressive values.

Don’t be shy about saying your piece, but be forewarned, this is not a nesting ground for trolls. You know our intent, and if your intent is to fling poo, you’ll need to find another place to do so.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m encouraged we’re talking about poverty again. You are absolutely right, conversations about the War on Poverty have been edged out “in favor of more broadcast-friendly “wars” (drugs, terror), poverty is spreading like kudzu. Or perhaps more like malaria.”

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