Evergreen Up Late: Welcome Back My Friends!

Welcome back to another exciting season of National Politics! Woohoo!

A whole new year of “funny-“, um, I mean “The American People’s” business awaits, so LET’S GET TO IT, shall we?

The 114th Congress has just completed its first month of work, or as Members call it: 13 days. Wow! A baker’s dozen. Tough Gig! /sarcasm

But the way this January has turned out, Republicans may already wish they could call for a Mulligan. With such an ignoble beginning, the good news is that next month contains only 12 scheduled days in session. So, they’ve got THAT going for them.

To round out the 1st month of 2015, Mitt has pulled his hat OUT of the ring for the 2016 election. Perhaps he just got “Bush-whacked?”

We’re keeping things short this time, but we’ll be back because while Congress may be light on results, it truly IS the show that NEVER ends!

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: Gray Matters

Gray Matters: It may not be clear what exactly is making you feel so uneasy, but at least it’s making you look “more distinguished”, am-I-rite?

Could it be the latest natural invaders?
Or the repeated man made disasters?

Out-of-date laws gave citizens pause that the electorate’s choice contained flaws.
But on the plus side:
The re-election of President Obama brought us the beloved conniption fit heard ’round the world, the election of Elizabeth Warren has put the financial leaders in a tizzy, and “The Connecticut Effect” does NOT seem to be abating any time soon.

With falling ratings, Fox News has been reduced to manufacturing stories to rouse their remaining rabble, er, audience.

Lastly, the mere possibility of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016 is already giving the GOP a collective Panic Attack! So, good times after all.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: That’s a RINO of a different color

Infighting between various factions of the GOP, accusing each other of being “inauthentic conservatives”, increases after every lost election and it has been reaching a fevered pitch of late. Those whose beliefs are found to be in the minority in a group discussion of a particular subject are accused of being RINOs: Republican In Name Only. The most fervent RINO accusers have been members of the Tea Party towards “moderate” Republicans – So much for ye olde ‘Big Tent’ theory.

Others claim that the Tea Party is little more than a parody, a caricature of Republican ideals.
Some believe the original to be inferior to the reflection.

On a different track, ‘Occupy’ has emerged as a left-leaning activist group.

Some pundits have proposed the possibility of a Tea Party and Occupy coalition to bring pressure on the government to meet some common demands.
Such a combining of forces would surely give pause to members of Congress, maybe even a bit of PANIC – but that’s an assertion for another time.
IMHO, anything to advance a good cause is a good thing, and if it shakes up Congressional complacency – so much the better!

An initial movement may inspire a derivative work that in turn inspires far beyond the original work.

While former enemies have become close allies before: UK & US, US & Japan, Care should be taken to ‘watch our back’. The US & USSR coalition during WWII collapsed into the Cold War that lasted a generation. And by that same token, we must keep vigilant with our own internal allies. Obama’s recent budget proposal has shaken the faith of many on the Left. Could he looking to forge his OWN coalition?

Attention must be maintained to understand the potential of any of these cooperating groups and what they intend to achieve. For if we do not know what we are getting into, we may just have another thing coming, and we may not even recognize it.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: Boundary Gates

‘Must not cross page boundary’ – Original Apple OS Source Code comment

This line was meant as a warning to programmers because doing so incurred a penalty in that a program took longer to accomplish its task.
Crossing a boundary may lead to bad things.

Activists must sometimes cross established boundaries in order to change them.

Refusal to sit at the back of the bus and other forms of civil disobedience showed the need for equal Civil Rights for all races.

Crossing a boundary may lead to good things.

Last month, ChickenHawk GOP speakers at CPAC belly-ached about pretty much wanting to pick a fight with … well EVERYONE.

And in an almost mirrored fashion, the latest round of bellicose rhetoric from North Korea’s Dear Leader is practically daring the US to engage them.

Crossing a boundary should not be undertaken by those not fully understanding the consequences.

So far, the financial markets do not seem to have responded to the posturing. One could easily imagine what a President new to the job might feel was a needed response to “show strength”.

I, for one, sure am glad that we have an experienced President at the helm during these events.

Inexplicably, one conservative pundit claimed on television that the quick response by the US of sending B-2’s to South Korea and a THAAD missile defense system to Guam shows to Iran that the US is weak. An explanation was never given.


Some boundaries should just not be crossed.

Will we cross the boundary into another war, through The Gates of Delirium?

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: No, You’re Chicken!

MORE THAN 3,000 additional people have been killed by guns in this country since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Yet gun NUTS continue to block any kind of legislation that could even potentially curb proliferation. Yes, I said NUTS. Self-proclaimed ‘Patriots’ who refuse any and all sensible bills that just might possibly restrict any access to any gun by anybody. Stay with me here. This may not be the place for a Freudian analysis of what makes ‘gun lovers’ tick, but a few assertions are in order.

Responsible guns owners support universal background checks.
Hell, the NRA used to support universal background checks until it looked like it might actually become a law. Why they changed their position is most perplexing. Was it an inherent NEED to oppose Obama on EVERYTHING? Perhaps just Ye Olde Fashioned Paranoia?

Here is a brief history of the need for guns in America!

But seriously, gun control advocates have no issue with guns for hunting and self-protection. But Military weaponry should be limited to Military use. An automatic rifle will not help in the hunting of a Moose or Squirrel.

I’m no gun lover, but I’m also not a gun hater. To me it’s just a tool. I have relatives who enjoy hunting and friends who enjoy target practice. And That’s Fine. But if you want a machine designed solely to mow down people like grass, well sir, I have a problem with that. There is no sport that requires such mega-cannisters of bullets. Using such weapons on wildlife classified as ‘Game’ is … well it’s just not sporting, is it?

One nice little feature of the US Constitution is that the 2nd Amendment (like all of the others) can be re-interpreted by the Supreme Court to fit the times. It is NOT the 2nd Commandment. But it does look like guns are, in fact, being idolized in this country in ways that are detrimental to our future. To my mind, at least. The Assault Weapons Ban bill that was ON THE BOOKS for a decade, but allowed to expire by GW Bush, is somehow now considered too radical to even consider in the Senate? The Country hasn’t gone Radical Left, the Congressmen who are blocking it have either gone Radical Right or sold their souls to the NRA.

You may ask, “And what would you know, you tree-hugging liberal?”
First: Trees are good, M’kay?
Second: Psst, I OWN a .22 rifle. My father was a cop. I grew up with a gun in the house.

That’s what I know.

As for those who feel they must hoard a cache of guns and are AFRAID that the Gub’mint is gonna take them all away? You’ve got to know: You’re not a ‘Patriot.’ You’ve got to know: You’re Chicken.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: My Intro to Epic Struggles

Why did I become an Activist?
I think you may be asking the wrong question, as I don’t consider myself an ‘activist’ as much as a ‘defensive end’.
I had never PLANNED to become politically active, but matters forced my hand.
Matters of truth, justice, fairness, and equality that I felt demanded attention.

I have bills to pay and a family to support the same as you.
When something is yours, it is natural to want to protect it.
Want to see a parent go absolutely bonkers (person OR animal)? Just threaten their family.

Back in the day
Like most teens, I enjoyed hanging out and listening to great music. I didn’t think too much about politics. Getting older, I began to notice some governmental policies (Local, State, and Federal) with which I didn’t agree. In such a situation you have two choices – speak up against it or put up with it, and while not everything is a life or death struggle, important issues ARE abundant.

Alone, effecting any kind of change is difficult at best and even unlikely at most, but when you are part of a groupanything can happen.

And what of the ‘epic’ part?
A Progressive view + Progressive Rock = Epic!

Effective Team and Resource Management enables effective action by that team, and so I too will join the struggle, join a team to affect political change and influence its direction – to defend our future.
I’d be happy to tell you all about it, but first – Supper’s Ready.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: Waving at the Light

Lil’ Seuss Deuce
Shortly after “Hey, Seuss” was originally posted, a typo was found misnaming Senator Ron Portman. Apologies to the Senator and to subscribers who received this typo in their email.

Funny thing about old laws; some of them become funny old laws that make little sense to our modern style of living.
For example, in Salem, West Virginia, it’s against the law to eat candy less than an hour and a half before church service.
Good for a laugh with some inquisitive kiddies … oh, wait … what’s this?

Women couldn’t vote?
People of different races couldn’t marry?
People were PROPERTY?!?

Clearly, it’s ‘awkward parent-child conversation’ time once again.
A sensitive, inquisitive child can be an uncomfortable mirror of society’s past missteps.
Few things are more disheartening than trying to explain “The Stupid” of certain historical laws.

When changes to a long-held law are being debated, past changes are often dredged up for comparison. These days, we believe that marriage rights, voting rights, etc. fall under the umbrella of Human Rights. But some of those rights have gone through some dark times. Explaining that to a child, you can see the optimistic twinkle in their eyes dim just ever so slightly.

Explain differing opinions to the best of your ability. “I don’t know why they thought that way” is an acceptable answer. The conversation could become a learning moment for you too.
When discussing how peoples’ attitudes have changed, I try to instill an appreciation for where we came from and emphasize the forward progress that has been made. Don’t ignore the darkness, and don’t fear it.
Particle or wave, teach the facts and preserve the available light.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: Hey, Seuss!

Oh, the thinks you can think.

In somewhat of a “Green Eggs and Ham” learning moment, Republican Ron Portman reversed his position regarding gay marriage and “came out” for his son.

Mucho props that he did it, but boos too for ONLY being able to ‘evolve’ his position when it personally affected him and his family.

Sometimes called Social Contact Theory or the Proximity Effect, this event along with Dick Cheney’s and Newt Gingrich’s, is yet another data point supporting the theory that while a liberal mind can have empathy for complete strangers, conservatives need to ‘live it’ to ‘get it’.

We’re not talking about sympathy. I’m sure that just as many conservatives as liberals are sympathetic and support various charities and other social causes.
Some are STILL helping to bring attention to causes they believe in, even after passing on.
Empathy is the ability to ‘put yourself in their shoes’. To, at least partially, understand an issue from another person’s point of view.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this opinion piece, but I do think he makes some interesting points.

(Plus you’re all big boys and girls who can sort out complicated issues for yourself.
Besides, I’ve gotta respect his opinion piece like I would want you to respect this one, thank you very much.
So then, was that empathy for that article’s writer? No, just respect for his right to free speech.)

Yes, support for gay rights IS a variation (on a theme, so to speak) of the oft-maligned and feared MULTI-CULTURALISM that social conservatives have railed against back to the desegregation of an Arkansas High School and before.

As former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, gay rights are human rights.

Think about the amazing changes that have happened regarding civil rights in just the last few years.
The fact that it is even being discussed at all beyond a whisper is, in itself, a tectonic shift. Opinion polls have flipped, and the highest approval rates are with the youngest citizens – THAT is where the future is headed my friends.

Have you imagined about how legalized same-sex marriage might affect YOUR marriage?
Additional rights for some does not come at the expense of fewer rights for others.

Progress is being made every day, but their will always be some to persuade …

I can’t imagine that position would ever change” – John Boehner
That is why you fail” – Yoda
Imagine” – John Lennon

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: Elephant Talk

Elephant Talk!

  • “Elephant Talk?”

I hear you ask.

  • “Do you mean like Trumpeting?”

Well, yes … of a certain kind.
In the sense that some Republicans are now trumpeting, to their constituents, that they support a bill that they had voted AGAINST.

  • “Huh? Arguments became agreements?”

… or when a sibling is trumpeting confidence in History’s judgement of his little brother.

Not so much, as factional bickering seemed to be the theme this year.

  • “What about Paul Ryan’s budget announcement? Isn’t that something new that Congress can work with?”

Nope, he was just repeating himself – in the WORST way.

  • “Well, we did finally learn about how cheap talk from Ryan’s (almost) boss had (almost) fooled the electorate.”

Yep, shown to the world as he truly is by a brave common man.

The lesson here is that when ‘Elephants’ talk, the sound can be heard across great distances.

And when ‘Elephants’ doubletalk, you need to listen TWICE as hard to hear what they are really saying.

Tonight, I leave you with the BEST kind of “Elephant Talk“.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.

Evergreen Up Late: I see red

Rising and falling
red repels,
yet keeps calling.

RED rising – North Korean belligerence has been increasing, raising temperatures as surely as global warming.

RED falling – Will China finally bring the hammer down on their neighbor?  Stranger things have happened.

On The Fringe calling – Meanwhile North Korea maintains that it has proof of the existence of Unicorns … or maybe it was Man Bear Pig?

RED fading – The reign of Pope Benedict XVI has ended a little bit differently than most. My, how those red shoes have had to dance. Worthy of a BONUS link!

RED in decline – GOP reduced to changing election rules to have a chance to win the next Federal election.

RED on repeat – Rand Paul Ryan Rand Paul Ryan. Well, ONE of those guys is on a new budget trick trip.

RED in retreat – A fake bankruptcy story fooled several conserv-a-blogs and mainstream media outlets – AGAIN.

‘REDiculous’ – Earlier, a bogus blog had fooled the mainstream outlets, enabling the Alaskan Half-Gov. to Tweet-Rinse-Repeat.

From the serious to the silly to the sublime.
Through it all stay optimistic, maintain your Grace under Pressure, and don’t let your rose-colored glasses become red lenses.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.