Dear GOP: Boehner quit you, not the other way around

"Goodbye, nut jobs!" -What John Boehner quite possibly could be thinking right now. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

“Goodbye, nut jobs!” -What John Boehner quite possibly could be thinking right now. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

Alright, the headline is slightly misleading, since outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-OH, didn’t actually quit the Republican Party, but his surprising resignation, nonchalant attitude at his press conference, and subsequent trashing of fellow Republicans and conservative groups, like Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, seemed to indicate a man who could no longer stand what’s become of his beloved party. The Republicans are in disarray, helped by a huge swing to the far right, allowing fringe elements to infect the party at almost every level, leaving establishment members like Boehner little choice by to take a lifeboat to safety.

Boehner isn’t the first high-profile Republican to essentially jump ship in recent years. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell–a lifelong Republican–famously endorsed President Obama not once, but twice, and chastises his party (he still considers himself a Republican) often on television. Longtime Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter switched parties not long after Obama’s election, and others are sure to follow. Not all will take the same or similar routes pursued by moderates like Powell or Specter, but Boehner is not the first and nor will he be the last big Republican name to call it a day.

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Evergreen Up Late: Obama’s Scorched-Earth Campaign to Divide Real America

It just caught me at the wrong time. All this time, I thought the constant, nay incessant, whining from Republicans about Obama’s supposed “divisiveness” was just that. So, not only did I not believe them, I even participated in a little justification. You see, I remember all too well Tom DeLay’s routine exclusion of House Democrats, not only from the process, but even from the actual freaking hearings. Turnabout would have been a hardball but fair response; but it turns out this is not what happened. No, it turns out that the President has been waging a ruthless war of annihilation on the American political process in his attempt to set up a one-party state; therefore, as a one-stop service to humanity, I have decided to collect the evidence of Obama’s consistent…divisiveness…in one place. Turns out it is an ugly story of ruthless, partisan warfare.

Nobody can say that he didn’t warn people of exactly how he intended to govern.

From 2009, before he was even inaugurated, the campaign to divide America began.

Also from 2009, as any hint of compromise is dismissed, and the campaign picks up steam

In 2010, the President’s scorched-earth campaign continued, and expanded.

2011 brought even more, as the President excluded any Republicans from foreign-policy input.

Another catastrophe for bipartisanship from the 2011 campaign of the strategy of division.

The sheer brazenness of carrying this campaign of division into Election Year 2012 boggles the imagination.

And of course, now that Obama’s been re-inaugurated, the campaign to divide America has become an unstoppable blitzkrieg.

And just to prove that ironic retribution cannot be escaped…

It has obviously been a titanic war of annihilation the President has waged. May some future historian discover this record, and understand.

The best of all possible tomorrows to you all-