Enjoy tonight’s debate, but beware rampant anti-intellectualism

85As the countdown for tonight’s Republican debate enters its final hours, American politics—and to a greater extent–America stand at a crossroads. After nearly seven years of Barack Obama’s stoicism and “Mr. Spock” approach to governing, a cast of characters so illogical, over-emotional, and downright anti-intellectual will grace the stage in Cleveland, Ohio. They will no doubt castigate Obama’s legacy as president, lambasting every policy, executive action, and statement ever uttered by the two-term president. For this group of candidates, they are not looking toward the future, but a way to bring the nation to a screeching halt before putting the car in reverse.

The prospect of reversing the nation is truly terrifying. The country remains at the precipice on a host of defining issues that could make or break these United States. Climate change, unabated economic, social, and racial inequality, and the prospect of continued ground wars in west Asia must be addressed by Obama’s successor and thus far, every Republican firmly stands in opposition to any progress made over the last six and one half years.

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Evergreen Up Late: I see red

Rising and falling
red repels,
yet keeps calling.

RED rising – North Korean belligerence has been increasing, raising temperatures as surely as global warming.

RED falling – Will China finally bring the hammer down on their neighbor?  Stranger things have happened.

On The Fringe calling – Meanwhile North Korea maintains that it has proof of the existence of Unicorns … or maybe it was Man Bear Pig?

RED fading – The reign of Pope Benedict XVI has ended a little bit differently than most. My, how those red shoes have had to dance. Worthy of a BONUS link!

RED in decline – GOP reduced to changing election rules to have a chance to win the next Federal election.

RED on repeat – Rand Paul Ryan Rand Paul Ryan. Well, ONE of those guys is on a new budget trick trip.

RED in retreat – A fake bankruptcy story fooled several conserv-a-blogs and mainstream media outlets – AGAIN.

‘REDiculous’ – Earlier, a bogus blog had fooled the mainstream outlets, enabling the Alaskan Half-Gov. to Tweet-Rinse-Repeat.

From the serious to the silly to the sublime.
Through it all stay optimistic, maintain your Grace under Pressure, and don’t let your rose-colored glasses become red lenses.

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.