Dear GOP: Boehner quit you, not the other way around

"Goodbye, nut jobs!" -What John Boehner quite possibly could be thinking right now. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

“Goodbye, nut jobs!” -What John Boehner quite possibly could be thinking right now. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

Alright, the headline is slightly misleading, since outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-OH, didn’t actually quit the Republican Party, but his surprising resignation, nonchalant attitude at his press conference, and subsequent trashing of fellow Republicans and conservative groups, like Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, seemed to indicate a man who could no longer stand what’s become of his beloved party. The Republicans are in disarray, helped by a huge swing to the far right, allowing fringe elements to infect the party at almost every level, leaving establishment members like Boehner little choice by to take a lifeboat to safety.

Boehner isn’t the first high-profile Republican to essentially jump ship in recent years. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell–a lifelong Republican–famously endorsed President Obama not once, but twice, and chastises his party (he still considers himself a Republican) often on television. Longtime Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter switched parties not long after Obama’s election, and others are sure to follow. Not all will take the same or similar routes pursued by moderates like Powell or Specter, but Boehner is not the first and nor will he be the last big Republican name to call it a day.

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Evergreen Up Late: Hey, Seuss!

Oh, the thinks you can think.

In somewhat of a “Green Eggs and Ham” learning moment, Republican Ron Portman reversed his position regarding gay marriage and “came out” for his son.

Mucho props that he did it, but boos too for ONLY being able to ‘evolve’ his position when it personally affected him and his family.

Sometimes called Social Contact Theory or the Proximity Effect, this event along with Dick Cheney’s and Newt Gingrich’s, is yet another data point supporting the theory that while a liberal mind can have empathy for complete strangers, conservatives need to ‘live it’ to ‘get it’.

We’re not talking about sympathy. I’m sure that just as many conservatives as liberals are sympathetic and support various charities and other social causes.
Some are STILL helping to bring attention to causes they believe in, even after passing on.
Empathy is the ability to ‘put yourself in their shoes’. To, at least partially, understand an issue from another person’s point of view.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this opinion piece, but I do think he makes some interesting points.

(Plus you’re all big boys and girls who can sort out complicated issues for yourself.
Besides, I’ve gotta respect his opinion piece like I would want you to respect this one, thank you very much.
So then, was that empathy for that article’s writer? No, just respect for his right to free speech.)

Yes, support for gay rights IS a variation (on a theme, so to speak) of the oft-maligned and feared MULTI-CULTURALISM that social conservatives have railed against back to the desegregation of an Arkansas High School and before.

As former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, gay rights are human rights.

Think about the amazing changes that have happened regarding civil rights in just the last few years.
The fact that it is even being discussed at all beyond a whisper is, in itself, a tectonic shift. Opinion polls have flipped, and the highest approval rates are with the youngest citizens – THAT is where the future is headed my friends.

Have you imagined about how legalized same-sex marriage might affect YOUR marriage?
Additional rights for some does not come at the expense of fewer rights for others.

Progress is being made every day, but their will always be some to persuade …

I can’t imagine that position would ever change” – John Boehner
That is why you fail” – Yoda
Imagine” – John Lennon

May you always be in tune with The Music of the Spheres.